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Pops open, folds flat. The most portable, easy to use multi-bike rack able to support 1–5 bikes. Stow it in car trunks, truck beds, or similar small-to-medium-sized spaces. Constructed with durable materials built to last a lifetime. That’s it, because anything more wouldn’t be practical.

Check out Toaster from every angle with our interactive 360° 3D viewer. Better yet, see Toaster in your real-life space with AR on mobile (Safari iOS browser-support only).

Color: Classic Black

Support when and where
you need it.
No monthly fee.
Because it's a bike rack.

Toaster in various state of opening

Folds flat, will travel

Small enough for you to tetris into the most unlikely of places. Light enough to carry. Take it with you wherever you go.

Fits every wheel in the quiver

Holds 1 to 5 bikes of virtually any wheel size from 24" kids rigs to MTB’s running 29ers. For a snug fit, optional color-coded grommets comfortably grip everything from old-school skinny road tires to knobbly gravel tires.

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More bikes equals more fun

More than 5 bikes? Daisy chain one Toaster to another using a Connector, and instantly expand the number of bikes you can support.

Available soon.

Flip it. Pack it. Pop it. Park it.
Toaster with hot spots

Lightweight hard-wearing aluminum construction

Simple one-handed tool-free operation

Magnetic opening/latching mechanism

Durable 18-8 stainless steel fasteners

Sleek minimalist design

The Details

Size + Specs




Durable Powder Aluminum Base and Gate

18-8 Stainless Steel Fasteners


30"W x 32"L x 2"D (Folded)

2.79" Slot Width


14.0 lbs

Rain or snow, let's go

Powder-coated to withstand pressure washing and whatever Mother Nature throws at it. Keep the rust off, and the party on.

Sturdy AF

Practical, durable and quality products made to last a lifetime. You'll upgrade your bike before you upgrade the Toaster.

Made in America

Keeping it close to home, we locally source sustainable materials to proudly make our products in Atlanta, Georgia.

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