Stand up. Stand out. Stand for something.

When riding, bikes stay upright. When they’re static, bikes need something to keep ’em up. Hipsters haven’t made kickstands cool yet, and leaning your bike against the closest thing is always a roll of the dice. Bike scratches with no good story to tell got us thinking: keeping your bike up and organized should be easy. That’s how Toaster was born.

Riders playful with Toaster

As riders, we know first-hand bikes aren’t just fun, they’re life-transforming devices. They make people happier, healthier, and even smarter. Yeah, cycling actually makes your brain grow. Neuroscience us all up. 

It’s not just about you though, it’s about everyone. Bikes unite us, break down walls, and create a bond stronger than superglue. A camaraderie we think every single person on this planet deserves to experience. That’s why we’re going all in on helping more people enjoy life on two wheels.

More riders makes more fun. More fun makes more riders. 
Rider at biking event

We're here to tackle those pesky everyday rider woes, with ideas so simple you’ll be left wondering why the heck wasn’t it always this way? Ideas that'll have you hopping on your steed faster than whatever you were doing before. Ideas that’ll elevate your pre and post ride game. Ideas that’ll survive the zombie apocalypse, the next ice age, and even the inevitable invasion of alien space cats.

Rider standing on shoreline

Real talk for a second. As a teeny-tiny brand in the grand scheme of things, making bike racks and whatnot, we know we can’t change the world. But here’s the deal: we can totally rock the little corner of the world we call home. We work with folks who see bikes as more than just a mode of transportation, rather as powerful tools to create meaningful social impact. Together, we’re a force to be reckoned with, making changes that ripple through the communities around us.

Let’s shake things up, one bike rack at a time.