For Retailing

Selling Toaster at retail is as easy as toast. 

AHHA uses both drop ship and stockist models, where you sell at the counter, and deliver from your stock or have AHHA ship the product wherever you and your customer want it to go. 

Retailing begins with telling us about your business on our B2B form.

Then when approved, purchase one AHHA Toaster to display and use in the shop at our deeply discounted Industry Purchase Price. Use this to park bikes and to sell Toasters from. 

Two methods to buy and sell.

Retailers earn a 30% margin at MSRP for stocking, or 25% for dropship, shipped either to you or directly to your customer. Depending on the size and nature of your business, either (or both!) methods may be useful. Think large car racks or roof boxes that you might sell as an example. 

Our offer is simple:

  • Purchase one AHHA Toaster @ $239, our pro purchase price, for display
  • Display and use the Toaster to the delight of your store
  • Toaster’s MSRP is $399.00
  • Toasters for inventory have a minimum opening order quantity of 3 @ $279/ea ($120 in GP), then as needed there after
  • Drop-shipping orders ship either to your shop or directly to your customer. Retailers receive 25% margin/$100 in GP.
  • Sell Toasters and keep your customer’s bikes upright! 
  • Sell 5 and your floor model is on us! We’ll refund your $239
  • Dealers will be listed on our retailer page. We’ll supply some window decals and other POP as it becomes available

Here is an overview of the wholesale process:

  • To participate as a retailer, simply request a dealer form 
  • You will be issued a unique dealer code to use for wholesale purchasing and/or dropshipping on, when approved.
  • At your point of sale, simply charge MSRP. For drop-shipping sales for the rack, work with your customer to decide if you want it shipped to the store or their address. 
  • When ordering for fulfillment or replenishment, your store’s buyer will log on and purchase a Toaster on the AHHA site using your unique retailer code. Your wholesale price is visible at check out. 
  • Check out.
  • Done
  • Rinse & repeat.
Toasters at riding event

Breweries, Cafe's and Bike Shops can

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