AHHA MAP and Pricing Policy for Retailers

To ensure the continued quality of AHHA branded products (Toaster and others), AHHA has determined to adopt the following unilateral pricing Guidelines.

AHHA products must be sold at bicycle retail establishments, outdoor retailers, and RV/overland retailers, (unless otherwise individually approved) that can install and service the products with on-site maintenance and repair departments with trained personnel. AHHA specifically forbids the sale of AHHA branded products on third party or auction sites. Dealers in the U.S. must confine sales of AHHA products within the U.S. and its territories.

To ensure that AHHA retailers will be able to afford to maintain full service facilities for installation and service, AHHA’s manufacturer’s advertised retail prices (“MAP”) should be maintained for all AHHA products.

A complete MAP product list can be found at https://www.AHHA.com. To encourage AHHA retailers to develop demand through advertising and other marketing initiatives, AHHA requires that all advertisements (including on-line auctions) for its products that include any reference to a retail price be confined to the MAP provided.


AHHA limits the pre-sale of new product before the Dealer has received shipment of any such new products. This includes accepting cash or reservations for new products before delivery to the Dealer. AHHA expressly prohibits the sale of product manufactured for the trade and institutional use into the aftermarket (grey market product) or product that has been modified.

AHHA expects that the MAP set forth in these Guidelines will be followed to efficiently

maintain the retailer and support network. Offering or giving any form of rebate or discount on AHHA products directly (including club or association member discounts) or indirectly (such as by giving a rebate or discount on other products that is tied to a purchase of AHHA products, bonus points for orders including AHHA products or other indirect reduction of the MAP) will be deemed advertising or selling below the MAP for the AHHA products in question for purposes of these Guidelines. 

Please note that AHHA will consider any bundling of items containing AHHA products that are advertised or sold at any amount less than the individual item prices combined to constitute discounting of AHHA products. AHHA will also consider any blanket percentage discount that does not specifically and clearly exclude AHHA products to constitute discounting of AHHA products. All internet or catalog advertisements or product listings shall include a specific price for each product advertised or listed, which must be the MAP unless otherwise authorized by AHHA in writing.

AHHA reserves the right to not do business with, and may unilaterally terminate any distributor, retailer, or sales to any party that AHHA believes does not support AHHA’s marketing and sales guidelines. Any such terminations may be without prior notice and/or warning. AHHA does not encourage and will not accept any communications from dealers or others that want to discuss the pricing of AHHA’s products by dealers or parties other than themselves.


AHHA makes every effort to ensure AHHA products are available only through authorized distribution channels. Unfortunately, we realize products do sometimes reach the grey market. AHHA will not provide any service or assistance on warranty claims for grey market product.

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