Upright Bikes and Avocado Toast

Upright Bikes and Avocado Toast

To be frank, it's not every day, heck, even every year, someone in the cycling industry creates something completely new.

I don't mean a new tire or a new groupset. I'm talking about an entirely new way of looking at things. We are a small but mighty group of individuals who simply love to pedal, but we aim to pedal with purpose and are a conscious collective. Building from scratch and asking the cycling community their thoughts on the Toaster was something we knew we would only have one chance to get right. 

We set sail at SBT GRVL, launching to the media and the cycling community. So, how did it go? Fantastic and fundamentally excellent. We are still basking in the afterglow of the welcome received. 

Since its inception in 2019, SBT GRVL has become one of the most to-do events on the North American race calendar. And we understand why. The ‘champagne of gravel’ traverses 142 miles of rolling terrain, welcoming cyclists worldwide.  The gravel community is diverse, and SBT’s inclusiveness makes this event genuine. 

The expo was our home for the weekend as we greeted curious passers-by, served avocado toast, and proudly encouraged all to test out our new bike rack. Swapping stories, seeing old friends, and making new ones, the Toaster quickly became a friend to all. 

Things lit up during the soon-to-be infamous Hill Climb Challenge. We’ll have to be honest - it was pure joy - absolute light-hearted fun. We lined up the 40+ Toasters for the start of the challenge - supporting athletes from around the world. 

As the participants ran toward their bikes to begin the challenge, it was here that we realized - it’s more than just a product. We are here to have fun, create, pedal, be conscious, and grow communities. 

The after-glow of SBT is still with us and has fueled us for our next adventure - the Big Sugar Classic. The support of SBT humbles us, and we are proud of the positive reviews from the media and grateful for the welcome from the community. 

Stand up. Stand out. Stand for something. That’s us in a nutshell. We make products to keep your bikes upright and organized, and we are a brand committed to uniting, breaking down walls, and building community. And well - we are just stoked to be here. Thank you to all for being part of our launch.